January 22, 2014

Support World Hijab Day, February 1st

Support World Hijab Day, February 1st

Support World Hijab Day, February 1st. Feb 1st, 2014: An open invitation to both Muslims & non-Muslims to wear the hijab for a day. Info: http://worldhijabday.com/ Founder: Nazma Khan

Our mission is to have 1 Million participants on February 1st, 2014 worldwide, insha'Allah! It is only through working together we can achieve:

"Better Awareness. Greater Understanding. Peaceful World."

Our goal is to foster global religious tolerance through Hijab awareness.

Please inform your friends/family (Muslims/non-Muslims). 

Please note that hijab doesn't only mean headscarf. 
Hijab = Covering of the whole body including head, chest, arms, legs. Attire should be loose fitting. 

“World Hijab Day is not an act of worship but rather an effective way to create global awareness of the issue that is being attacked unfairly.It has achieved some great success already. Alhamdulillah.” -Mufti Ismail Menk

“I believe the concept of bringing attention to the modest attire that Islam encourages women to wear is something extremely positive and beneficial, especially in today’s fashion-obsessed and scantily-clad societies. Allah created us to love modesty, and modesty is a part of faith. Projects such as the ‘Word Hijab Day’ help us spread these values and showcase our religion in a positive manner.”- Dr. Yasir Qadhi


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